PowerHooping sessions with Mel…

Adults and Children are WELCOME!  ALL LEVELS!

Monday’s 7.25 to 8.20pm, Buckden Millennium Centre, PE19 5UY. BOOK NOW!!!

Thursday’s, 11.15 to 12pm, Buckden Millennium Centre, PE19 5UY. BOOK NOW!!!

Thursday’s, 7.25 to 8.20pm, Buckden Millennium Centre, PE19 5UY. BOOK NOW!!!


Saturday 16th March, 10.30 to 11.30am, Mandeville Hall, KIMBOLTON, BOOK NOW!!!


Contact Mel on 07900 823553 or email mel@fithaven.co.uk to BOOK onto the new Powerhooping sessions in Buckden.

Spaces and Hoops are limited.  Price: £7 Adults including Powerhoop hire (NO EXTRA Charge for Plastic Powerhoops). £5 Children including Powerhoop hire.

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JOIN the FitHaven POWERHOOPING FaceBook PAGE HERE >>> http://www.facebook.com/FitHavenPowerhooping where you can also BOOK your powerhooping place, find out more about this fabulous fitness form, get offers and special promotions and events and get to enjoy the Powerhooping fun online with other FitHaven Powerhoopers.

POWERHOOPING spins its way into Buckden…

Powerhooping MelA BRAND NEW type of exercise class has been taking the UK by storm as news spreads of the waist-whittling effect of the Powerhoop. Unlike the small, light, plastic hoops from the 1950s, Powerhoops are large, weighted and padded, with a wavy inner profile. Their size and weight make “hooping” easy for new users, challenging for the body’s core muscles as well as bringing super fast mid-body results for women, men and children of ALL ages.

Powerhoop’s “full-circle” training is designed to flatten the stomach, firm up the abs and strengthen the back. Users quickly notice a tangible difference in the circumference of their waist and with regular use, the Powerhoop also contributes to weight loss/calorie burn, reduced lower back pain and improved coordination.

Over two hundred thousand Powerhoops have been sold in Scandinavia since 2007 and group classes are now spreading to gyms and community halls all over Europe and now the UK. The classes run for about 45/50 minutes and involve much more than just hip-twirling; the weighted Powerhoop is used in a variety of manoeuvres to work all the body’s muscle groups, including resistance-training, cardio-aerobics, stretching, dance and pilates-based exercise.

FitHaven Powerhooping Saturday MasterclassExercise should be FUN and looking back to our childhood for new fitness trends is certainly a way to achieve this. Over the last few years it was all about the more ‘traditional’ hula hoops used in fitness classes but this year we have advanced onto the Powerhoop. It’s much larger than traditional hoops, which makes it easier to spin but it is also weighted so cranks up the heart rate. The wavy profile inside the hoop is great for whittling the waist as it tones and tightens the core muscles. Powerhooping never gets boring and when you ramp up the music it feels far more like fun than exercise.

There has been a rising demand for qualified fitness instructors in the UK to meet the need for "The Powerhoop Workout" in the UK and now you get the chance to try it out with your newly and highly qualified local fitness instructor Mel Thomas of FitHaven. “I absolutely cannot wait to get my new Powerhoop classes off the ground in February and I have already had a lot of local interest. It is totally different to anything else around our area and appeals to the local community where I teach. Training your body, mind and muscles with hoops is a lot of fun and the results you can achieve for a flatter more toned tummy and stronger and more flexible core and back in a short amount time is simply amazing.”

So if you are interested in giving Powerhooping a go BOOK a place on her REGULAR WEEKLY THURSDAY EVENING sessions in BUCKDEN (more details below). Spaces and Hoops are limited so don’t miss out on your chance to try out the latest and greatest fitness buzz and you can even get your own Powerhoop if you get ‘hooping’ bug like everyone else.

PowerHoop Mel 2ORDER your OWN Powerhoop from Mel NOW!!!

Price £49.

Available to collect in class from Buckden Millennium Centre.

Having your OWN POWERHOOP guarantees a place in any session running on the timetable.

No Need to Book.

No Powerhoop Hire Fee.

Can practice and perfect your technique at home.

Burn more calories, get a flatter more toned tummy, stronger core and back and re-energise with just 10mins of Powerhooping a day!

Welcome to Fithaven

Welcome to FitHaven with Mel Thomas, Cambridgeshire’s number one community fitness company providing Fitness Classes & Nordic Walking. We are based in and around Buckden and most classes are run in the Community Centre.

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