FitHaven Pilates & Trigger Point Pilates

FitHaven Pilates is a more functional, effective and modern form of Pilates. 

You will enjoy toning, strengthening
and stretch techniques in a relaxed
yet fun environment that will improve
your back & core muscles, flexibility &
posture, will change your body
shape, will flatten your tummy, will
relieve joint and muscular pain and
release mental stress!

BEGINNERS & ALL LEVELS! All ages & abilities.  No need to book. No Need to Book – Just Turn Up – Mats and ALL Equipment is supplied.

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Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates



What to expect from
FitHaven Pilates & Trigger Point Pilates


This class is ideal for all abilities as well as those with back, hip, shoulder or neck issues as we focus on the deep postural muscles, building strength and support from the inside-out and getting the body moving freely again.

The class is set to light and uplifting music with both standing and mat-based flowing exercises using resistance bands, light hand weights, mini balls and foam rollers (all provided and optional) and we finish with an enhanced relaxation to totally unwind, relieve stress and reduce tensions. With regular practice you will notice and feel the immence benefits Fitness Pilates can have on your body, your muscles, your wellbeing and even your life!

FitHaven Pilates Classes are held in Buckden, Cambridgeshire and Stevenage, Hertfordshire


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