Kettle Bells

These Sessions are designed to tone,

strengthen and reshape and you will

have more fun than an hour in the

gym and you will see the results

faster with a flatter tummy, toned

bottom, tighter thighs and an

increase in your general fitness!

 A fusion of modern toning and

reshaping weighted movements

utilising either handweights,
kettlebells, bodybars and resistance

bands, together with my popular

Tabatarcise to really burn body fat

as you tighten it all up.

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Get Superfit with Kettle Bells


Regular resistance exercise combined with short cardio bursts is the formula for successful weight and inch loss as well as a super lean and toned body. If you really want to fast track your fitness then adding a Kettlebells should be your top priority to get these results. This results-driven exercise class, based on some of the core values of kettlebell training as well as functional fitness and core toning, has been designed to help you move your body to train harder and smarter to get results in a short space of time.

This class is for ALL LEVELS and you welcome to join in even if you are BEGINNER or returning back to exercise or are holding an injury – there will be modifications offered to all movements and it wont take long before you feel, look and become fitter, toned, strong and supple.

Kettle Bell Fitness Classes are held in Buckden, Cambridgeshire and Stevenage, Hertfordshire










Kettle Bells






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