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I run mid-week Wednesday early evening Stevenage Nordic Walks, in order to give you all the benefits you will read below, even if it is dark and cold outside.  It is even more important especially during winter months and are sedentary, have an indoor job or just do not get outdoor time to exercise outdoors.  These sessions will get you up, out, and off your sofa into the fresh air to help blast away the virus bugs and gut-busting calories as well as to help increase your fitbit steps you need to achieve each day - other devices are available! More benefits include:

Hi everyone, I sit and type this from my bed, where I have been for a week now, and despite my best attempts I am still quite a poorly and fed up fitness instructor...  

Stevenage Lifestyles Friday FitSteps Class #DoThe Strictly November 2015

Mel's Monday Motivation - May 2015

Research shows that women train harder, have more FUN, get RESULTS faster and are INSPIRED to stay in shape with an exercise friend...

Prepare to be body, muscle and mind AMAZED. The TIME is Right and the TIME is NOW!!!! 

FitHaven SpringTox Clean Eating Inch, Weight and Wellness Online Plan will bring AMAZING results and lifestyle changes - Guaranteed.

Starting Monday 20th April and In just TEN DAYS…