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Nordic Walking!  It is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other; anyone can do it regardless of age, level or physical ability. Nordic Walking gives you a fabulous fresh air boost, is an easy and safe way to improve general fitness, it will burn away body fat and belly inches (perfect for post Christmas and New Year) and creates an immense sense of general wellbeing, much like going out for a run (without the damaging pounding on your joints). Nordic Walking is one of the FASTEST GROWING ways get fresh air fit and feel great in the UK and your will feel and notice results in very little time! Walking is the most ‘natural of all workouts’ as human beings are designed to walk and is among the best forms of activity to improve overall fitness, health and general wellbeing.
Nordic Walking uses two specially designed walking poles and together with the correct Nordic Walking Technique, which you can easily learn, will maximize your regular walking and you can start to enjoy the many extra benefits that this activity will bring to you and your life. Nordic Walking poles also add an element of safety, they give you balance and stability, perfect for people with joint or back problems and increases calorie burn with every single step you take.
Nordic Walking burns up to 40% more calories than normal walking and can be adapted to anyone’s fitness level.  It brings less shock and impact but boosts bone and muscle health and is much kinder to your joints. It uses 90% of your body muscles, it strengthens as well as tones, corrects your posture, improves back/hip/knee issues and brings an immense sense of wellbeing.  With ever step you take you plant your poles which means it also engages, tones and strengthens the deep core abdominal muscles (all without doing a single sit-up!) which is why people feel and notice a difference in their waistlines quite dramatically by Nordic Walking.

So, if you are looking to get back into exercise this New Year, want to look and feel better, fitter, healthier and fresher, want to try something NEW or add a new dimension to your existing walking routine, you can HUGELY benefit by trying Nordic Walking. Come and discover the immense tracks and trails on your doorstep, enjoy the great outdoors and even make some new friends. Nordic Walking will make you outdoor healthier, fitter, more active, slimmer, energised, happy, refreshed and alive!




Mel from FitHaven has been Nordic Walking for over 10 years, is fully qualified with NWUK and British NW, is First Aid trained and holds full public liability insurance. She will be introducing Taster Nordic Walking sessions in STEVENAGE in 2015.  Join her TASTER sessions from either Hampson Park, Fairlands Valley Park, or Great Ashby District Park, Saturday Mornings, 10 to 11am during January 2015.   Taster to Nordic Walking Price is £5 (includes your Nordic Walking Pole hire, the Taster session to include technique instruction and a short Nordic Walking around our fabulous parks and countryside). Come and join this friendly, fabulous and fast growing outdoor way to get fit, healthy and active on your doorstep.

To avoid disappointment contact Mel to book your place NOW. 

Call/Text Mel on: 07900 823553 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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