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Are you feeling fat, fed up, bloated, lethargic, spotty, sad and toxic after the long festive season?  Is winter taking its toll on your body, your mood and your muscle tone?  Do you want to kick start your body and lifestyle into burning more fat, toning up, eating proper food that is fast and easy to prepare, learn new nutritional ways to lose inches, enjoy fresh clean recipes, and enjoy easy and fun exercises to do at home?  Here is your quick, clean, easy and fun solution…


3 reasons to do my NEW QuickBlast SlimDown CleanTox in 2015:


  1. This will help you to quickly shed excess inches, weight and bloat after Christmas and New Year ahead.
  2. You will create easy, fun and delicious clean eating recipes that can help your body burn fat and inches.
  3. You will enjoy effective and time efficient exercise you can do at home and squeeze into your busy day.


Why CleanTox?  Our bodies are naturally built to detoxify every day as part of our normal body processes. We detox by eliminating and neutralising toxins through our colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. Eliminating these toxins through clean eating and effective short sessions of exercise are a great way to give your body a quick and easy kick start to body fat, body weight and body inch loss for superb results in as little as 10 days.

What to expect?  I have been running successful 10 day CleanTox plans all year with the most amazing inch and weight loss.  The QuickBlast Slimdown will pay more attention to your exterior self, so your skin and muscle tone will glow as well as your internal body being healthier, less bloated and slimmer.  Here are some tips as to what to expect:

  1. You will start your day the hot water and lemon way… Flush the system, boost it with vitamins and nutrients and puts a zing into your step before you even start your day.
  2. You will eat a protein rich breakfast... we ditch the cereals and toast go for a lunch-style breakfast consisting of protein (eg eggs) spinach, avocados, tomatoes, mushrooms or an alternative porridge or pancake breakfast.
  3. We will only eat 3 meals per day and NO SNACKING... This helps controls your cortisol and insulin levels which are our fat storing hormones.
  4. You will eat plenty of green vegetables at every meal... Really load up on your dark-green veggies as these will keep you full and energized for hours – you will be amazed.
  5. You will drink at least 2 litres of water (or herbal teas) a day…  Flush, hydrate, glow!
  6. We will do a 10 minute upbeat, effective and muscle toning download every day... EVERYONE can fit in a quick 10 minute workout. It sets you up in a positive frame of mind, your body starts burning fat, your metabolic rate revs up and whatever the day throws at you, the workout is in the bag and will help you tackle whatever is thrown your way!
  7. I advise that you cook all of your food in coconut oil... Cooking with coconut oil can actually have a fat-burning effect and makes your food taste fresh, clean, delicious and healthy.
  8. Learn how to body brush and detox bathe… Let’s look after the largest organ in our body too – the skin!  These techniques will give you more than a glow, they can actually assist with the cleantox process, improve skin tone and leave you feeling light and fresh.
  9. Positive Mind-set…  We will touch on how your thoughts and your brian can effect your feeling, attitudes and actions so I will bring you some of my tips to turn negativity around and bring positive and maybe even life-changing vibes into your life.
  10. Get my Support… I am be there to help and support you, whether it's online, via social media or in person at one of my classes. Motivation and being part of an ‘online’ group is the key to amazing success

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