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Did you have a great Christmas and New Year and have put on a few extra pounds?  Have the festive break taken its toll on your regular eating and exercise routine?  Do you feel like you need to give your body, mind and lifestyle a NEW YEAR, NEW YOU boost?


Taking time off over Christmas and New Year is great but it only takes those HUGE dinners and boozy party nights to leave you feeling bloated, pounds heavier and lethargic.  Festive weight gain isn’t quite as easy or as fun to lose as it is to gain but within a few weeks, and definitely by the end of January you can be back where you started – or even better than you were before!  Try some of these to get your body and life back on track and into the new year ahead...

EAT Clean...  Give your taste buds and digestive system a positive, healthy clean break and think of every meal as positive nutrition that fulfils the following...


  1. Fuels your fitness... so choose lean protein (chicken, fish, turkey, pork and lean steak) lots of dark leafy green and organic vegetables and salads, plenty of mineral water and fruit or caffeine free teas.
  2. Improves your looks... eat lost of fresh, healthy, organic foods packed with nutrients and ditch the processed foods all together.  Eliminate alcohol for at least three to four days in a week and stick to your safe limits or cut it out all together for a week or two.  Cooking from scratch is also the best for your skin and inner health.
  3. Tastes Delicious... Add fresh or dry spices and herbs to give your food a zing and tantalise your taste buds.  Plus burn off some calories as you cook chop, slice, mix and stir up tasty healthy,  clean, nutritious recipes.


GOOD Habits Breed More...  We are definitely creatures of habit and if you can get into a regular exercise routine other good habits such as eating healthy and going to bed earlier, drinking more water and cutting back or out on the caffeine and alcohol will be easier to maintain.  Put your exercise schedule into your diary and make it a social date with friends too.  Prioritise the things that help you get there.  When the children have gone back to school make the next four to six weeks where you add an extra session knowing you can enhance your fitness, loose the holiday bloat and poundage and feel amazing from the inside-out.

GET into Short Sharp Training...  Research shows that exercise in short sharp bursts such as doing HiiT (High or Low Intensity Interval Training) will burn MORE calories in a structured and shorter session.  It will also boost your fitness so you burn more calories afterwards because it is quick and high in intensity.  It is more likely to get your endorphins flowing, giving you that amazing exercise buzz.  To get rid of post-holiday blues, add high-intensity exercise bursts into your fitness session as much as you can.

BE Strong, Be Lean, Be Toned...  Strength training is also great for boosting your metabolism but for more immediate toning effect try an Ultimate Fitness Pilates or KettleBell Total Body Tone class, with strong moves and lots of lengthening and stretching.  It can help you look taller, leaner and sculpted and blast away the holiday belly bulge in no time.

FIND a New Activity...  Try something totally BRAND NEW and CHALLENGING to get your motivation to move it more back on track.  Something like FITSTEPSPOWERHOOPING or KETTLEBELLS are so much FUN and highly effective if you are looking to lose the belly inches, burn fat and tone up the entire body.  Join up with some friends to make it more sociable so you can all support, encourage and laugh with each other plus you will be much more likely to stick to it too.

Sizzle and Shine this January by joining one of Mel’s varied, fun and friendly body and lifestyle changing sessions, all perfect for that superb January New You boost. You can try anything from Fitness Pilates, FitSteps, NEW Body Bliss, Detox and Release, Powerhooping, KettleBells, New Year Body Boutique, Nordic Walking, Fitness Pilates for Men, CleanTox Easy Weight and Inch Loss Plan and online Downloads .  
Contact Mel on 07900 823553 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Pay As You Go classes are running at Buckden Village Hall and Nordic Walking at Little Paxton Nature Reserve.  JOIN IN TODAY!

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