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Women who exercise together train for longer, burn more calories and commit to their sessions more often.  Women consider their friends to be the motivation and inspiration they need to both get and stay in good shape and health.  We all have a need to socialise and be with other people, so fitness with friends is the perfect combination especially if you have a goal or just want to feel better about yourself. Women are less likely to let a friend down and they are more likely to challenge and spur each other on as well as provide each other with the incentive they need to keep going.

Most importantly, having a friend to exercise with makes it more fun - and as well as training hard they can also catch up and treat the experience as another social event.


Read all about Natalie and Deb (my first #ElitePTBoutique girls) who have been putting in the extra effort, exercising together, making it to Pilates, Powerhooping and FitSteps, doing extra workouts at the gym, eating CLEAN, reducing STRESS LEVELS and getting AMAZING RESULTS FAST!!!  Read Natalie's Testimonial on her ElitePTBoutique experience...


"I started training with Mel in late March in a bid to tone up my flabby bits as I am off on a special cruise late April!! The hour long sessions twice, sometimes three times a week were challenging to say the least but we had so much fun!! Mel is so encouraging, knowledgeable and dedicated to achieving your goals. The results have been amazing – I have LOST 12.5 inches in total from various areas of my body and 3.5 inches of those from my belly/waistline and my overall strength and fitness have also improved! My body fat, BMI and weight have all reduced loads in the short time I have been training and I am much more toned. Mel tailor makes the sessions, targeting specific areas of the body and her tips and advice on nutrition and well-being are excellent. Mel is energetic, fun and inspirational and I am delighted with my results! Thanks Mel xxx"








Message me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details if you would like to get involved with a friend and get results like this too. Mel xxx

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