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...I have, as January usually provides me with, a virus, one that has knocked me off my feet good and proper this year and despite my best attempts to get better quickly, including visiting the Doctors, twice, this one is clearly not having any of it.


I have inhaled various menthol concoctions, taken various remedies and medicines, had Hopi Candle treatments (to relieve sinuses), gargled with all sorts including salt (yuk), spread Vicks on my chest, back and even my feet, drank more tea than a TeaPig, have eaten the best and most healthful foods with all the added extra herbs and ingredients to help banish viruses, boost immunity and the like, drank loads of water, rested. rested and rested, watched crappy tv (and boy is it crap), have read tons of magazines, played about on my laptop/ipad/iphone, spoke to Virgin a million times re wifi/broadband connection (rubbish), and have generally felt annoyed, guilty and down about it all.  


I have the best friends and family who have offered me sound advice that I am doing the right thing and that I should not come back to work (classes) too soon.  Being ill and in my profession is extremely hard and making the right decision to know what to do is difficult. Do I battle on and run classes not feeling my best and hope the virus will just go, do I put in a cover instructor (not everyone I know likes/wants this), do I keep cancelling the classes (and pee people off and lose clients no doubt) and then for how long do I take off? A day, a week, a month??? Since I have been ill with this virus, I stress about what to do for the best everyday (which is also not helping my healing I am sure) and on top of that I also have to make a living, this is my living, this is my life, I have NO other income - no classes, no FitHaven, no income - simple as that. Another stress.


So what to do? What would you do?


I know if you felt the way I do, you wouldn't come to classes until you felt better, stronger and happier. So, with this in mind (and the continual advice from family/friends) the best thing for me to do is to listen to this advice, listen to my body, understand that my energy/immunity has taken a big knock, get fully better properly, not to stress and give myself the chance to heal. With this, unfortunately to my FitHaveners and my proposed revised timetable I posted up earlier today (Monday afternoon) means I shouldn't really be taking any of this on just yet and take a bit more time off.


This is extremely heart wrenching and difficult for me but deep down I know it is what I really should do so I can bring 'FitHaven Back' next week FIT, HAPPY and WELL!


Thanks for your understanding and I will be continually in touch with you via Facebook/Twitter and email very soon.


Lots of Healthy Love to you all, Mel xxx (and Millie too xxx)


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