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Mel's Monday Motivational Videos - April 2015

Fitsteps dance classes for people over 50, are moving from Ware to Hertford from Wednesday March 25. The classes started last year with support from East Herts Council and have proved so successful, they’re now self-supporting. The classes are just £3 and suitable for all abilities. They’re great fun as well as being an effective way to improve flexibility and get fitter.

Mel launches a BRAND NEW class to the FitHaven Timetable at Buckden Village Hall for those who want a full body, mind and muscle overhaul.  Stretch out your stress, alleviate back and other body pains, tone and lengthen tight muscles and feel AMAZING from the inside-out with this unique Fitness Pilates & Freestyle Yoga Fusion.

New Research published in the BJSM (British Journal of Sports Medicine) reveals that the social dynamic of walking in a group brings additional health benefits over and above strolling solo. 

A BRAND NEW type of exercise class has been taking the UK by storm as news spreads of the waist-whittling effect of the Powerhoop.  Unlike the small, light, plastic hoops from the 1950s, Powerhoops are large, weighted and padded, with a wavy inner profile.

Strictly Come Dancing fever grips the nation every Autumn and Winter on our TV’s as we watch the celebrities and their amazing dance partners perform stunning, sparkly ballroom-inspired routines week after week in the lead up to the festive season.