A BRAND NEW type of exercise class

has been taking the UK by storm as

news spreads of the waist-whittling

effect of the Powerhoop.

Unlike the small, light, plastic hoops

from the 1950s. Powerhoops are

large, weighted and padded, with a

wavy inner profile. Their size and

weight make “hooping” easy for new

users, challenging for the body’s

core muscles as well as bringing

super fast mid-body results for

women, men and children

of ALL ages.

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Supple, toned & Flexible
with Powerhoop


Powerhoop’s “full-circle” training is designed to flatten the stomach, firm up the abs and strengthen the back. Users quickly notice a tangible difference in the circumference of their waist and with regular use, the Powerhoop also contributes to weight loss/calorie burn, reduced lower back pain and improved coordination.

Over two hundred thousand Powerhoops have been sold in Scandinavia since 2007 and group classes are now spreading to gyms and community halls all over Europe and now the UK. The classes run for about 45/50 minutes and involve much more than just hip-twirling; the weighted Powerhoop is used in a variety of manoeuvres to work all the body’s muscle groups, including resistance-training, cardio-aerobics, stretching, dance and pilates-based exercise.

Powerhoop Classes are held in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Get in touch to find out when and where...














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