I think my classes are great, we get fit and have fun.
It’s not just about the classes, it’s about a healthier lifestyle which makes for a happier you. Whatever your level we have the class for you.

Don’t take my word for it, see what my clients say about Fithaven and the results they have achieved below.






I've been a proud FitHaven girl for 9 years and I can honestly say that I have never worked out with anyone else like Mel. She inspires me, motivates me and sometimes it feels like she kills me, but I honestly wouldn't go to anyone else. The fab community spirit, brilliant range of classes and incredible Mel Thomas make FitHaven so unique, and in my opinion the best fitness company in the world. I should add that Mel and her classes have changed my body beyond recognition and they continue to do so on a monthly basis. Thanks for everything that you do Mel, we love you lots Smileeeeeexxx


I joined Fithaven a couple of months ago after reading how effective the Cleantox Diet was, and I was not disappointed. The plan is great and it really does work, however the support you receive from Mel is the most important.  Her motivation and energy are catching! She is constantly available for any questions and her encouragement throughout really drives you on.  This personal touch really makes the difference. Even the exercises are fun and you can tailor them to own fitness.  Highly recommend!  Enjoy. Paula


Your classes are healer for not just me and I am sure there must be others like me who are crumbling inside and need to get out and do something. Because I love music and dance I choose to do fit step, Zumba and Salsacise. You have a radiant smile and bubbly character that makes our attendance worth while and you make any new comer feel so special and welcome. I am sure most of them in the class will echo this comment. Thank you Mel for being you.  Esther

Sue Day

I came to my first class with Mel already fairly fit, I just wanted to do something different. It quickly became clear Mel's classes are VERY different to any other exercise class I'd done before. They are truly inclusive, regardless of age, gender or ability EVERYONE is made to feel welcome from the moment they step into the building. No two weeks are exactly the same so at some point everyone in the room is trying to get to grips with something new, everyone works at their own level with friendly encouragement to safely work as hard as they can. If you have  past experience of other classes and think an exercise classes are not for you? You clearly haven't been to one of Mel's classes.....come along it won't take long before your fat is crying too…… Sue


I’ve been coming to Mels classes for 11 years now. I do the Fitness Pilates classes three times a week. I love them they are good for my body and my mind. Completely hooked!! louise.x


My great benefit from the Tuesday Fitness Pilates class is greater flexibility which means I can get on and off the motorbike more easily, ask Gordon! Jill


From Powerhooping, to Kettlebells and Insanity, Mel’s classes are always highly motivating, fun and full of challenge. I am the fittest and healthiest I have been for the past 10 years, all thanks to Mel’s’ outstanding instruction and extensive knowledge of all aspects of fitness, nutrition and well-being. If you attend any of Mel’s classes you will definitely sweat, laugh, be challenged and leave feeling energised. I can’t be without my Fithaven fix every week. Tanya x


Mel is fun!  Her classes are never the sam from one week to the next.  She cares about the outcome of her clients.  She has a great sense of humour and makes us laugh.  She makes it seem possible to become… flexible, fit, cheerful, body confident.  She is an enabler.  She makes her classes inclusive and makes everyone welcome whatever their age/shape/size/condition.  She wears bright colours and practices what she preaches so you feel like you are in it together.  Thanks for your amazing classes Mel. Clare x


Hi Mel, Not sure if it shows well enough in the photo's I have 5lb of Holiday food to shift but when I joined you I was 10 st 10 I am now 9.12. the hooping has shaped my waist and that awkward bit below the Boobs is a 100% better. I don't understand why you don't contact Local TV station to do a visit. Its an amazing class. look at the age range for starters!!!! Their are so many people that don't  no about it! Shout ikt from the roof tops this shit works !!!!!! lol xx


Hi Mel, just want to say how much I enjoy the classes I do with you (did I say enjoy), love doing Kettle Bells you make it so much fun but we still seem to work so hard and by the end of the class I always feel I've achieved something. Also Pilates my aim is to be able to touch my toes (without bending my legs) something I've never been able to do but with your enthusiasm and help I'm getting nearer my aim. So thank you for not only being my instructor but also my friend xx


Mel, since coming to FitHaven I am - Slimmer, Fitter, Stronger, Healthier and Happier!!! And it is all thanks to YOU !! Thank you Mel xxxxccxccc


Thank you Mel Thomas for fun, fitness and most of all, friendship! Eight years ago, I joined your fitness classes because I wanted to lose weight…that I certainly did!  Three and a half stones of it!  I dreamt of being a size 10 on my 50th birthday...I achieved that also!   Your classes are full of fun and laughter.  I've made lots of new friends and have gained much confidence.  Your classes are what I describe as 'amazing’! I am still a size 10, and have not gained any weight.  I feel fit, healthy…and most of all happy! Thank you Mel, xxx

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