Total Body Tone




Total Body Tone


A super fun, low-impact and safe way
to change your body shape,

burn immense calories and tone up

the ‘essential’ muscles together with Pilates

and Yoga stretches to feel-good music.

Come and join in.

You will LOVE it!

Tell me more!


Change your Shape!


A fun fusion of Mel’s favourite low-impact body toning, sculpting and fat burning moves mixed with lengthening and releasing Pilates and Yoga-style stretches. Burn the belly fat, tighten your core, tone up arms, thighs, bottom using hand weights, weighted body bars, weighted hoops, kettlebells and resistance bands for an all over body re-shape.

There is no complicated choreography, hard or high impact moves. Classes vary from week to week to add variety, challenge and above all fun. Suitable for all levels including complete beginners.

Total Body Tone Fitness Classes are held
in Buckden, Cambridgeshire
and Stevenage, Hertfordshire




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